Wiliot IoT Platform Helps Israel’s Largest Retailer Build the World’s First Farm-to-Store Intelligent Supply Chain

With over 300 grocery stores across the country, tech savvy Shufersal is outfitting more than 1 million reusable transport items with stamp-sized IoT computers to track the location and temperature of produce and ensure maximum freshness for its customers

Executive Summary

Shufersal, Israel’s largest retailer and an early adopter of advanced technology to improve operations and customer experience, appreciates prevailing market research that finds as much as 80 percent of shoppers saying their most important criterion for selecting a grocery store is high-quality fruits and vegetables. At the same time, Shufersal is committed to corporate responsibility and sustainability, which are critical to reducing waste and carbon emissions in today’s food supply chains. Since 2011, it has been a member of Ma'aleh, the Israeli umbrella organization for corporate responsibility, and has held the organization’s Platinum Plus rating since 2014.

To meet its commitments of fresh produce for customers, competitive pricing, and sustainable operations for the planet, Shufersal is working with Internet of Things pioneer Wiliot, whose self-powered, stamp-sized IoT Pixels and cloud-based analytics engine enable a universal IoT, to create the world’s first intelligent farm-to-store supply chain.

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