IoT is changing, scaling from tens of billions to trillions of intelligent connected things.

This transition to the Internet of Trillions (IoT2) is all about progressing from the Internet of Expensive Things to the Internet of Everyday things. What are the implications and the opportunities for your firm?

Wiliot’s technology is at the center of the IoT2 revolution. Hear the latest about the advances in Wiliot’s postage stamp sized computers a.k.a. IoT Pixels, and the cloud service that enables privacy and data ownership.

Opportunities abound, for companies to use this technology and to become part of the ecosystem that it is benefiting. 

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Experiment, learn, and get started with the Wiliot Platform using Wiliot Kits. These include the services, IoT Pixels & hardware you need to be on your way to the Internet of Everyday Things.

Wiliot Version 2.0 Podcast

Wiliot Version 2.0

The CEO of Wiliot, Tal Tamir, joins the Mr. Beacon Podcast to talk about Wiliot’s latest release, which includes new versions of their IoT Pixels and cloud service, designed to scale the IoT 100x, from billions to trillions of intelligent connected everyday things.

Wiliot for Resuable Trasport Items

'RTI' Webinar

 Reusable Transport Items (RTIs) travel from the farm to the store, and then into the home. Integrating intelligence and connectivity into what was previously dark and offline is unlocking huge savings, as well as major business and sustainability opportunities. 

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